The FASTEST, EASIEST way to get going as of January 2021

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I was trying to discover the fastest way to build nodejs/react applications with a database backend and quickly fell in love with the Jamstack architecture.

  • Ghost CMS— beautiful, simple & fast, but I could not easily add custom fields.
  • Firebase, Contentful, Sanity, Netlify — all amazing options, but I did not want to be locked into a proprietary vendor solution.
  • Strapi — open Source headless CMS solution that supports PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL, and MariaDB.

I decided to experiment with Strapi on top of PostgreSQL as my backend, and I wanted to create a blog using Gatsby, a static site generator, as my frontend. …

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How Engineers Can Build Better Courses

About Me

I made a career pivot from a Director of Web Services in the public sector academia, supporting the online education tools and services for students, faculty & staff to the private sector, supporting onboarding, continuous learning, and tools for engineers.

Teaching faculty, subject-matter-experts in a variety of fields, how to use technology to enhance learning, is similar to teaching developers, subject-matter-experts in engineering, how to design internal courses. The same instructional design principles apply. I talked to my learning and development counterparts at various companies about their struggles with developer training. …

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What Every California Community College CISOA/CIO/CTO Should Know

I participated in a year-long California Community College Chief Information Officer’s Certification Training in Sacramento in 2016–2017. The program was developed to train IT professionals in the art of leading and managing technology organizations in the California Community Colleges. It was an incredible opportunity to work with a cohort of Community College technology leadership and to be mentored by CIO/CTO’s across the state. The series of intensive weekends covered the expectations and skills required to become a Chief Information Systems Officers (CISO).

I compiled my notes and added additional information from the recent CISOA 2019 conference as well as relevant Educause articles to make a comprehensive reference for myself and other CISOA participants. The following is a list of responsibilities expected of a California Community College CIO/CTO/CISO. The list is daunting, and in colleges with limited financial resources, you may be wearing multiple hats. If you have a larger team, you may be overseeing the work of staff responsible for these areas. Regardless of your resources, in order to be effective in your position, you will need familiarization with everything listed below. …

Lessons from Technology Giants that we can apply to Community Colleges

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This article may disrupt the Community College system because I am going to make suggestions that are non-conventional but are proven in successful companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Toyota. Applying their best practices in development and operations should theoretically work within any higher education institution.

I have worked in the Information Technology department for a California Community College District for almost twenty years. I am often pulled into meetings to help brainstorm technology solutions to meet our strategic goals. It is my favorite thing to do, and I spend a tremendous amount of my personal time trying to stay abreast on the latest higher ed technology trends. Over the past decade, there has been a distinct pattern we cannot ignore at Community Colleges. The problem is that the business processes we have built behind the scenes to support these incredible initiatives are not streamlined. We are so hyper-focused on the solutions and what we need to buy to “solve” the problems that we neglect our internal business practices. In some cases, the technology itself is a crutch to help us maintain bad habits. …

Amazon is my outlet for retail therapy where I will drown myself in product research until I am fully satisfied I have selected the holy grail while it’s on sale. If you spend any time filtering and sorting as I do, you have probably found yourself frustrated with Amazon’s ranking.

My Top Amazon Shopping Frustrations:

  • The 5-star product with two reviews is next to the 5-star product with a thousand reviews.
  • The 5-star product with a thousand reviews also has 200 1-star reviews and nothing in-between.
  • You have to skim the comments to ensure the product isn’t a knock-off, refurbished or expired.
  • The product has changed over time and those 5-star reviews were for an older version before they started cutting costs. …

Losing Weight Triggers Party Music & Lights
A Laravel, Raspberry Pi, FitBit & MQTT Project

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I thought it would be fun to setup a Raspberry Pi so that every time I lost weight, it would flash lights and play music. I referred to this as “Party mode” or “Happy Dance.” It would be positive reinforcement and a fun way to start my morning. Hopefully this is useful for someone or at least a great example of how to get your cloud services to communicate with your Raspberry Pi.

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Jasmine Robinson

Jasmine Robinson, Entrepreneur, IT Director, Professional Full-Stack Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Product Manager.

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